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单期幸运飞艇ip cameras, cctv, nvr, dvr, remote viewing software, integrated point of sale solutions and much more!

If you have a POS system, you have only half the technology solution that you need to protect your investment in todays environment. A point of sale system protects your sales, inventory, money and insures your customers are well cared for at the register and beyond.

ACT-POS offers a full line of video surveillance products in order to provide you with the system and solution that best fits your needs and your budget. Full Integration with your existing Point of Sale system is easier than you might imagine and offers the security and complete control you need to protect your bottom line investments. We offer Point of Sale packages that include pre-integrated Video Surveillance solutions as well as Open Platform Video Surveillance Integration that will work with most Point of Sale systems.

However - we also offer complete Video Surveillance systems that are stand alone and do not require any type of Point of Sale. IP Video is the choice of Professional Organizations around the world today. Yes, it does cost slightly more, but the Return on Investment greatly outweighs the cost associated with the products. The capabilites inherent in IP Video Surveillance are not available in any other video surveillance technolgy.

单期幸运飞艇so what is an ip video surveillance system?

An Internet protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera commonly employed for surveillance, and cameras that can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet.

Which unlike - 'analog closed circuit television (CCTV)' which uses Closed-circuit television video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors, IP cameras and solutions allow you to store the video anywhere and access it from any standard browser.

单期幸运飞艇cctv uses coax cabling and requires that an additional power source be located at the camera site or run along side the video transmission cable using 'siamese cable' for the power. ip cameras on the other hand most often run the power and the network transmission through the same cable which is ofter referred to as poe or 'power over ethernet' and reduces the dependence upon additional power sources.

单期幸运飞艇there are two kinds of ip cameras:

CCTV or IP Video Surveillance? The choice is yours. To learn more about each of these technologies and how they might work for you, contact us today.

A full Video Surveillance system will give you the EYES to keep a visual track of how the POS system is being used, what is happening in your store or restauant when you're not there and give you a video record of any problems that occur. You need a video surveillance system today complete with video cameras, video storage, video networking and internet video recording to get the full picture. Don't settle for half the solution. Video surveillance will give you the rest of the puzzle pieces.

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